The original main purpose of this website was to give an account of the cave digging and excavations at Home Close Hole, Wigmore Farm, Red Quar, Mendip, UK.   Home Close Hole lies some 320 metres to the east of Wigmore Swallet and about 100 metres directly above the Young Bloods' Inlet to that cave.   However, I thought that just the raw, undiluted account might prove far too exciting, so it's been diluted with a few other items that might be of interest to you and some that probably will not be, but they are going in anyway.

The cave digging at Home Close Hole may be conveniently divided into four main phases; firstly, the initial JCB excavation of a great open-cast pit in the depression (hopefully) over the high avens in the Young Bloods' inlet to Wigmore Swallet and the installation of a concrete pipe shaft. Secondly, surface works in preparation for sinking the shaft below the level of the concrete pipes. Thirdly, the sinking process itself and fourthly and finally, the triumphant break-through into the cave passages below.

So far, phases one and two have been completed, (thank goodness). The excavation phase is well underway and we live in hope that the final phase, the triumphant breakthrough, will satisfy our wildest expectations. Well, there would be no point in doing any of this otherwise, would there ?

Note: There are those who insist on referring to this hallowed spot as Holm Close Hole, or sometimes Holme Close Hole - they are mistaken, but I mention it here to get the alternative names indexed by the search engines.

The latest information about Home Close Hole may be found in LATEST (where else?).

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