Preliminary Survey

The plan survey below is based on survey trips conducted by Roger Galloway and Annie Audsley on 27DEC11, 23DEC12, 23NOV13 & 27DEC14.

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  1. The centreline is OK, the passage details could be improved.
  2. The pretty colours show the progress year by year.
  3. Strictly speaking, work on the Engine Shaft itself started in 2008 and continued until the bottom of the shaft had been stabilised and deepened by early 2011.
  4. In the whole dig, the only open navigable sections were:-
    1. The bottom half of Tollens' shaft (4.5m).
    2. The Builder's Shaft (3.5m).
    3. Annieversary (7m)
    4. Humbug and Soggy Bottom (3.5m).
    5. Start of the Tube (ca. 2m).
  5. With the exception of a short section at the start of the Tube, none of the horizontal sections was wider than approx 15 cm.
  6. The Slot was approximately 5 x 10 cm.

Created: 14 January 2014