12th April - hauling and feasting

A time lapse video of the afternoon phase of a digging session at Home Close as the bags of spoil were being brought out of the dig, tipped on the heap and later emptied. This was followed by tea with Caroline's home-made sausage rolls and additionally a couple of Chris' home-made pork pies (a bit of one gets waved at the camera). The video gets cut off at the taking of a group photograph, which is just as well for it gets even more tedious after that.

On the surface: Nick Hawkes, Jeff Price .... [then Sam Batstone pops up and Nick pops down]
Then .... emerging from the hole: Chris B's camera ammo box, Chris Batstone, .... [then some hauling and tipping, with Jeff working the bank, Sam barrowing and tipping and Chris out of shot driving the winch] .... [then exiting in quick succession] .... Caroline Allen, Alice Audsley, Nick Hawkes, John Williams (Tangent), Paul Brock, Rupert Fear, Tony Audsley .... [then lots of scurrying about on the spoilheap, faffing and feasting].