Home Close Hole - The Movie

This is a new departure, but hopefully video gives a better idea of what is happening at the dig than a heap of words. However, I am not a fan of Face-Tube and all such-like modern fripperies and prefer that all files should be locally hosted and we should rely on Open Source software to display them rather than proprietry plug-ins - i.e. no Flash.

The video was created by Chris Batstone, (Mendip's answer to Ingmar Bergman), and it shows extracts from the digging session at Home Close Hole on 30th April 2011. It is notable for showing the hangups that occurred as we got used to the traversing system for the kibble and also the magical way that the rim inside the kibble (beer keg) hindered its emptying. Since the film was made the rim has now been ground off and we have got rather more slick with our handling of the kibble, but what's wrong with a bit of nostalgia ?

Apparently, Ingmar Batstone is now working on a Director's Cut - coming soon ?

Warning: There is about a four second pause before the video starts. This is entirely Batstone's fault. Actually this may well be unfair, but what is written down becomes the truth, so hard luck.

Created: Wed May 11 16:24:30 2011