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- is it ? -


OK, where is this place ?

The dig is in the most easterly of the group of the three depressions near the middle of the northern boundary of Home Close Field, Wigmore Farm, Red Quarr. According to Mr and Mrs Garmin and their daughter little Miss Etrex, the NGR is ST 56035 52466, which corresponds, more or less, to Latitude 51.26959° North, Longitude 2.63161° West.

For a better idea of the location of the site, here is an aerial view. Courtesy of Google Earth, this screenshot shows the location of the dig in relation to Wigmore Swallet. The depression is outlined in blue and the enclosure fence in red. Google's aerial view dates from December 2009 and does show the beginnings of some activity (small hut and timber pile) at the dig site.

Home Close Hole Location

NOTE: The facility to access this directly via Google Earth is only available to users of Firefox browser with Javascript enabled. It should work for MSIE, and I will fix this sooner or later (most likely the latter).


- dig there? -

So, it looks a pleasant enough spot, but why dig there?

Good question. The initial impetus for the dig was the discovery of the Young Bloods' Inlet in Wigmore Swallet. The inlet was reached via a previously unnoticed airspace in the 65m long sump 7. This airspace was spotted by Chris Jewell and the passage beyond was later explored by Chris, Stuart Gardiner, Simon Cornhill, John Maneely and Duncan Price.

They discovered a high aven which was later radiolocated to a point near the easternmost of the three depressions near the northern boundary of Home Close field. The present dig was started partly to improve access to the newly discovered extensions beyond the sumps in Wigmore Swallet, partly because it seemed a good idea at the time but mainly because digging holes is FUN.

A similar screenshot with superimposed Wigmore cave passages is shown below. Again, courtesy of Google Earth this shows a line trace of Wigmore Swallet. The passage is in red, the downstream sumps appear in blue and the recently discovered Young Bloods' Inlet appears in a colour which defies description. (Thanks to Trevor Hughes, Trebor McDonald and Chris Jewell for their survey data).

Home Close Hole Surface features

As before, direct access via Google Earth requires Javascript and Firefox.

Finally, Why

- Use such a yukky brown colour for the text on this site?-

Because it is the closest that I could get to the colour of the Home Close mud
(viewed on my monitor anyway).