Still More About Wigmore.

Chris Batstone

Belfry Bulletin No. 393/394, January/February 1981

In his article Wigmore revisited, B.B. 391/392, Trev incorrectly states that the travel time for water from Wigmore to reach the resurgence at Cheddar Risings is 11 hours. (p10, para 4). Sorry, Trev, you got it a bit wrong. Travel time is 42 hours, the distance to Cheddar being approximately 11 miles.

Trevor told me this just before his article went to press and unfortunately it could not be corrected in time.

The dye test commenced at 1715hrs. on March 3rd 1978, when 250ml of RWT 20% solution dye was placed in the stream. Flow was estimated at approximately 10gpm. A further 250ml of RWT 20% solution was added at 2200hrs.

Sampling began at Cheddar, Line of Works, Sherbourne Spring, Rodney Stoke, Wookey Hole and Rickford Rising. Sampling was at six hourly intervals: 0700, 1300, 1900, 0100.

First arrival of the dye at Cheddar was at approximately 0700hrs on March 5th, a travel time of approximately 42 hours. All other sites sampled were negative. Sampling continued until approximately 1600hrs on March 6th.

As far as I am aware this is the only dye test done on Wigmore to date. These results must drastically modify Trev's theory.

I must lend some support to a theory that a line of drainage could exist in the form of cavernous development, fed from Tor Hole, Red Quar, Fairman's Folly, Castle Farm and Bowery Corner. Wigmore's development in Triassic Conglomerate is evidence that large cavities can develop in this area but it remains to be seen what form this development takes when the limestone contact is made.

Thanks are due to W.I. Stanton for conducting the dye test and supplying information on the results.

Chris Batstone.

Map showing principal sites of interest and proven feeders. Wigmore water tracing

The result at Cheddar
BB-393-394-002.gif (13K)

Input: March 3rd 1715hrs, 250ml RWT 20% solution into Wigmore Swallet. Flow c10gpm.

Input: March 3rd 2200hrs, 250ml RWT 20% solution into Wigmore Swallet. Flow c10gpm

Time to first arrival of dye at Cheddar - approx. 42 hours.

All other sites sampled were negative.

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