Here is a part list of references to exploration in the Wigmore / Home Close area.   It's obviously not complete (nor ever likely to be) but I have made a start on the easy bits.

Early Work

Wigmore Swallet received some attention in the 1930s.  WCC circular No. 35, June 1938 has the following intriguing entries but no further details:-

Saturday 25th June - Sunday 26th June. London Members dig at Wigmore Swallet.
[ .. then a list of cave meets .. then .. ]
Saturday 23rd July - Sunday 24th July. London Members dig at Wigmore Swallet." 

Hywell Murrell was the leading light of the Wessex London group in the 1930s.  He did also dabble briefly with Bowery Corner but found it "horrible" and turned his attention to underground digging in Lamb Leer.

JRat and Co. digging

Extracts from the Somerset Sump Index - Wigmore Diving Logs

More recent diving articles

More recent digging articles

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