Wigmore Swallet - Upstream Sump 3 Extension

Vince Simmonds

From:- Belfry Bulletin No 498, August 1998

A climb 10 metres above U/S sump 3 leads to a constricted opening.

November/December '95

Alex Gee and Vince Simmonds went to Sump 3 (Upstream) to put a bang at the top of the aven above the sump pool.

Rich Blake and Vince Simmonds returned a few days later to check the results. After a bit of hammering Rich managed to squeeze through into a low mud filled passage. We dug our way to the left to enter larger walking/stooping passage with a small stream. Downstream the passage closed down after a few metres, the stream later re-appears in the main streamway. Upstream the passage continued to an aven, which was left unclimbed due to loose boulders and mud coated walls, and a lack of climbing gear. After the aven the passage closes down to a sand and gravel choke where the stream enters.

To the right of the breakthrough a low, narrow rift leads for about 15metres to a boulder choke. Although not a big discovery it does open up some possibility that there may be a chance of finding a bypass to the sump, if someone wants to go back and dig it.

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