MORE! contains material unconnected with the cave excavation at Home Close Hole, but which may be of some general interest to those involved in cave excavation.   There are examples of cave excavation techniques, such as timbering as well as historical haulage and transport systems.

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Photographs of large scale timber shoring and massive underground excavations, also examples of early wooden mining machinery.
Timber shoring - coal mine, Forest of Dean
Examples of timber shoring at the other end of the size scale. Photographs in a ca. 2 ft seam.
A Mendip Miscellany.
Digging methods, old happenings, general grot.
Miscellaneous Snippets
Off-Mendip items - Coal mining and a tramway.
Digging for Mendip caves
An essay by Dr Willie Stanton about the whys, wherefores and the delights of cave digging.
Aspects of Caving
An essay by Ryan & Mason.   Although written over seventy years ago, much of it is still relevant today.
Mendip Mining Laws
The ancient laws governing mining on Mendip.

Created: 11 February 2009

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