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Home Close Hole in the snow.
03FEB09: The dig under 6 inches of snow.
collapse by the shaft
15MAR09: Collapse by the side of the shaft
Home close hole preparing pitwork for the shaft
31MAR09: Freeing a rusted-up screw-jack needed for the shaft.
cooking by gas
02APR09: Heating the straps to form end-hooks
Home Close Hole - fabricating pitwork
03APR09: Fabricating one of the bottom straps for the shaft.
Wigmore: Home Close Hole
03APR09 The jacks and bottom hooks about to be checked for size
Home close hole - pitwork for the shaft
08APR09: The completed assembly of jacks and bottom straps.
Wigmore Home Close Hole - shaft bottom
20APR09: The bottom of the shaft showing ladder, strappings and the jacks.
Wigmore: Home Close Hole
20APR09: Bottle jack and bottom attachment for a strap in position.
Wigmore: Home Close Hole
20MAY09: The "new" security grill fitted to the entrance.
Wigmore - Home Close Hole
04JUN09:10 tons of aggregate delivered to the site.
04JUN09: Wriggly tin base for the agregate
Wigmore - Home Close Hole Shaft
18JUL09: Temporary shoring and run-in at the base of the shaft
Wigmore - Home Close Hole Shaft
18JUL09: Temporary shoring and run-in - detail
syphoning the pool
18JUL09: Syphoning the pool
t'hole: earth, air, sky and water
02AUG09: Annie Audsley, Alice Audsley & Roger Galloway digging a trench for drainage pipes.
t'hole: Wigmore, Mendip
02AUG009: Roger Galloway trimming the hole he has just drilled.
t'hole, drainage pipes
02AUG09: Two new blue drainage pipes in the shaft.
05AUG09: The drained, but still soggy, depression.
05AUG09: The drainage sump (a yellow plastic bucket).
hch6237u.jpg (6K)
05AUG09: For comparison, the undrained next depression with a 16 inch deep pool at the bottom.
t'hole, Wigmore
10AUG09: Cracks in the drying mud.

Created: 25 November 2008