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slot in the floor
12JAN: The slot in the floor
Nick and the XRF analyser
02MAR: Nick with XRF analyser
Paul washing of in flood-water
13APR: Paul washing in the flood-water
Alan (Goon) Jeffreys
27APR: Alan (Goon) Jeffreys
Paul and Jeff at the face
11MAY: Paul & Jeff at the face
The trench in the floor
11MAY: The trench in the floor
(The bottle is 11½ cm long)
Paul - getting down to it
18MAY: Paul getting down to it
Working towards the junction
18MAY: Working towards the junction
Decadent diggers
25MAY: A fitting end to a good days digging.
Clockwise from left -
Alice, Clive, Chris, Nick, Paul & Caroline
01JUN: Slug and THE BURGER
The pool at WhichWay? junction
01JUN: The pool at WhichWay? Junction
The left hand route
07JUN: The left-hand route
A pile of broken rock
08JUN: A satisfying pile of broken rock
Paul, up the junction
08JUN: Paul, up the junction.
The left hand passage
08JUN: The enlarged LH passage,
(it bends to the right at the end).
satisfactory pile of rock
06JUL: WhichWay? - left hand option before clearance
After clearing
06JUL: The passage after clearing (bends to the right)
Lookinging towards Annieversary
06JUL: Round the bend, looking towards 'Annieversary'
13JUL: YELLOW PERIL [Tangent].
The Old Gang counting their chickens before they are hatched.
27JUL: The Old Gang,
Alice, Paul, Jeff, Chris & Tony
A merry bunch
03AUG: Chris, Jeff, Alice, (Tony),
Paul, Caroline, Nick
Tangent & Mike.
Paul on the first ledge in Annieversary
01SEP: Paul on the first
ledge in Annieversary.
Before clearing ...
13OCT: Before clearing ...
... and after.
13OCT: ... and after.

20OCT: The Batstone

20OCT: The Audsley
Photo: Alys Mendus, top of Annieversary Rift
10NOV: Alys Mendus at the entrance to Annieversary
Nick tidying up the dig-face
01DEC: Nick, working with
his back to the way on
(sensible fellow).

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